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Here you will find some images of some puzzles I/we have finished and glued for future hanging. The three largest puzzles are affixed to 1/4 inch plywood.

Click the images for larger pics.

Mona Lisa
1000 pieces

1000 pieces

Egypt theme
1500 pieces

Art Gallery
2000 pieces

"Views of Ancient Rome"
5000 pieces, 60" x 40"

"Allegory of Sight and Smell"
6000 pieces, 65" x 45"

"1611 World Map"
9000 pieces, 76" x 55"
Hi-res (700K)

"1611 World Map"
upper left

"1611 World Map"
upper right

"1611 World Map"
lower left

"1611 World Map"
lower right

"1611 World Map"
dork on right

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